Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Locker storage continued

A few months ago, I took you on a tour of my locker and I talked about the saga of buying this silly locker (because my condo didn't come with a locker). I have now owned my locker for about 6 months and I can honestly say it was the best $4000 I ever spent. I love the storage and I love that fact that it really adds to my resale value (hey- effort free upgrade!).

Now my new chairs were going to be moving down here too! But if you look at the photo below, you can see that the floor space was starting to be compromised.

I use this locker like a spare room- not just a place stuffed with boxes that I might need "someday in a bigger house". I also use the stuff on the back shelf a lot, so I needed easy access to the back.

It didn't take much thought to realize that if I wanted more floorspace, I needed to get things off the floor! I found my solution at Ikea- Grundtal hooks!

I have these in my kitchen for over the sink to hold cooking utensils. This time I bought the giant ones (I think I linked the right ones). Because my locker has cage ceilings, these worked great to hang things and not alter the locker at all.

Yay for easy storage! They come off and on easily and now I don't have to move anything to get to my shelves. AND I have created more vertical storage in the locker. Awesomesauce :)

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