Thursday, July 5, 2012

It is definitely sundress weather!

And to take advantage of this beautiful weather, I decided to go off-pattern and make my niece a pretty little sundress! Why do I keep doing this???

First of all, I picked up some fun flowered material with a scrunchy material on top for a couple of bucks from Fabricland. I only got a 1/2 metre, which was probably a mistake because then you only get an itty bitty bit of scrunchy material. I measured out the scrunchy part so that I could make a matching back piece.

 I then cut out the back of the skirt and sewed it to the top. Then I just attached the sides! Quick and easy!

Except that when I was done, the dress was HUGE! I am not sure where I went wrong- this thing could fit a toddler!! So I ripped out the side seam (my seam ripper and I are well acquainted) and took it in about FOUR inches. haha.

Afterwards I quickyly hemmed it up and then I had a perfect little tube top dress for a baby

What's that? Babies and tube tops don't mix well?? How ridiculous!

Just kidding, I sewed itty bitty straps for this itty bitty dress. These things were a nightmare. Sooo finnicky!

Finally, my dress for my little niece was complete! Sure it will probably fall apart, and I think the hem is a couple inches long on one side...but this was made with LOVE. :)

I am not sure which side should be the front or the back. This dress is so versatile. She will be strutting her stuff in her stroller in this puppy!

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