Friday, July 27, 2012

My Tips: Picking Colours

Say you have moved into a new home and you are now standing in the paint section of your local hardware store and you are LOST. Where do you start?

Well you may have an inspiration photo, like me, and then you are all set to create a palate. But what if nothing has inspired you? Well there is one easy place to start:

Your closet! There is an endless supply of colours in there! And they are colours you LIKE, because you wear them every day! So why not look at your favourite outfits and pick and choose some colours off of there. Bonus- you will look as good sitting in your house as you do walking in your clothing.

This is my favourite summer outfit:

By the way- it is really hard taking self portraits when you live alone!

So yes, I love turquoise and it appears a lot in my closet! I also like ruffles, clean whites, and a little bling! And as for the shoes, these are my new Rockport boat shoes and I completely love!

I think after all this time you can see how my favourite outfit and my home reflect each other!


Yes, my bathroom is very bright turquoise, but it is hard to photograph

White, Grey, Ruffles:

And a little bit of yellow:

And, of course, some bling:

So, if you are looking for a little inspiration, there is a simple place that you can now examine!! Happy weekend! Pray it doesn't rain on me while I am camping!

Also, I am doing an Anthralin update tomorrow, so come take a look!

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