Friday, July 20, 2012

My Tips: Cleaning a Ceramic Stove Top

Ok, so stove tops are mine are very popular and I think may have actually replaced the old coil units as a basic oven. Then if you're fancier you go all induction or gas. But for now, almost everyone I know has ceramic stove tops. AND THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE AT CLEANING THEM. No, I am kidding. Just some are. I cringe when I go to someone's house and it is nice and clean- but the stove top is all caked with grime and who knows what. I am not a generally tidy person, but I know that cleaning a ceramic stove top is super easy, if you know how.

1. Assemble your team. You will need a cloth, paper towel (but I apparently am out, oh well), Vileda Scrunge pad, stove top cleaner, and a stove top razor blade. I know, this sounds like crazy town, but these are so key!!

2. Give stove top a good wipe with a damp cloth.

3. Take your Scrunge, and use the dark, rough side to attack those burned on spots. I was skeptical of this product at first, but OH MY GOD it works so well! You can use it dry or wet. My only complaint is that I find they are only good for a few uses.

4. Flip Scrunge over and buff out with the soft side. This step I find kind of pointless, cause I usually buff the whole stove top at the end.

Before Scrunge:

After Scrunge:

5. If your Scrunge can't get rid of something in a couple swipes (it works really fast), then you may need to use a razor. These are designed for the ceramic material, but be careful and use a low angle to avoid scratching. However, if you clean up big messes fast you will never use it. I haven't busted mine out in over 2 years.

6. Take your stove top cleaner and squirt a good amount on the stove. I am actually running out right now- usually I would use more! But the grocery store didn't carry it, so I don't have a new one. You can usually get it there, but my store is terrible. Didn't even have hummus last week! Buff the cleaner in with a paper towel.

7. Take a fresh, dry paper towel and really buff the rest of the cleaner in. It will disappear as you go!

And you are done!! Time: not even 5 minutes. And most of that was trying to get cleaner out of the bottle.



It's so clean, I can see myself in it!

Now you guys have no excuses for exposing me to your nasty stove tops! Just kidding, as long as you are making me food on it, I am a happy girl :P


  1. VIM does the same job as the specialized stove top cleaner at a fraction of the cost. Since your out of cleaner, this is the perfect time to save some money. Google it!!

    Uncle Greg

    1. Really? I will try that! I stole my current bottle from dad anyway. That's the BEST deal in town!

  2. Be cautious of VIM as it can be quite abrasive. It is a great product when used appropriately.


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