Monday, July 23, 2012

"Dining Room" Art

*** My 100th Post!!***

My current table area was seriously lacking in any sort of wall decoration. It was very boring with just an old picture frame and an expired cookie. Plus, the frame kept falling down and annoying me. So I decided it was time for something new! I needed something that would really fill the space.

I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I have frames over the couch, with photos. And I have frames in the hallway with my maps. So I didn't want to do frames again. It is hard when one solid wall passes through so many rooms!

I ended up at the dollar store and I bought these 12"x16" canvases for $2 each.

I thought I could do a solid wall covering from the table to ceiling with these. I considered hanging them in the tall way:

But eventually I decided length-wise was the way to go:

This will go up to the ceiling, but for these photos I was just getting the visual effect.

Now I was left with one glaring problem. What to DO with the canvases! I first tried embroidery. I didn't have embroidery thread, but I did have a wide selection of regular threads so I just doubled up.

THIS TOOK ME LIKE 5 HOURS! And it was still pretty bare. I tried another one and then I just gave up on embroidery. I do like my little bird, however! haha

So then I tried painting. Using food colouring because I don't own any paints.

And I didn't like that either! Argh!!!!

I did eventually come up with another idea...but I ran out of canvases, so you will have to wait until tomorrow!!

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