Monday, June 25, 2012


My couch is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I said end of July, but then Arrow Furniture called last week and said it was in and they were ready to deliver! It showed up on Saturday morning and it was a bit of an adventure. Because of all the packaging, it didn't want to get through the door. But the building's superintendent was helping and he got it through!

The super also fixed the loose lock on my front door while he was here- that man is awesome!

So it finally arrived, but because I am cheap and didn't pay for the assembly it was left to me like this:

When I got my old couch from Urban Brick they stripped it and attached the legs for no extra cost. But oh well. Overall I have been very happy with Arrow Furniture. The couch came in perfect condition, on the stated date and time, AND was obviously a whole month early! They offered to hold onto it until July if I wanted to wait.

Obviously the next thing I had to do was strip this puppy down and set up my new couch! It was difficult- that plastic was thick- but I ended up like this:

My poor condo!! haha. I did break down the cardboard to bring down to the recycling room. I used my exacto-knife, which made quick work of it, and I took the room from that above, to this:

So much better! I didn't have any twine, so I just taped with my painter's tape. I was able to take it all down in one trip, which I didn't expect I would be able to do!

But I know you don't care- you want to see the couch!!

Yay!! I LOVE it. It is a little stiff, but I know it will soften when broken in because the store model was nice and cushy. And you know what else? It came with a bonus!

Pillows! I didn't even realize the pillows in the store came WITH the couch! That was a nice bonus! I like them too- I may recover them with something more colourful down the line, but for now they really work with the space. Don't mind that white poking out from under the seat- it is the tag and I didn't notice when  was taking the photo.

There is only one glaring problem now.

I have to sell my old couch! Yikes! haha I actually have had it up on craiglist and kijiji for over a week now. I have had a couple of emails, but no follow-through yet. Hopefully it'll be gone soon!!

I did re organize so that my table could be set up again, so now the living room looks like this:

The new couch got moved to the end of the bed because it is not as wide as the old one. It doesn't looks too bad in the photo, but it is ridiculously cramped in real life. haha. I need to sell that couch!! However, I think I should have a party first because I will never have this much seating in the condo again!

In the corner there you can see my spare chair for my table- it doesn't fit for now. Did I ever mention that these are FOLDING CHAIRS? They are so cool! But one (the one in the corner) does NOT like to unfold and I folded them up to make room for the couch coming in- and now it is stuck again. I was way too tired from unpacking/moving couches to fight it at the time.

So I broke in the new couch in the most appropriate way: a nap

Haha just kidding! But I am glad the new couch fits the nappable criterion as well! That wasn't something I was going to try out in the store. It was very comfy!

Overall, I give my new couch an A+++++++++ :)

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