Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So my patio got trashed...

 ...During the storm last week! Oh poor patio, you never saw that coming. It was just in shambles.
01/06/2012- Never Forget
Pillows everywhere! What was a girl to do?? Luckily everything on the table survived because they are right up against the glass and it acts as a wind barrier. My begonias have moved out here, because they need some sunshine to get big and strong! They are...not dead. That's where I am going to leave that. Haha

So on Saturday I focused on the patio and I cleaned this sucker up.

WAIT A MINUTE- did the side table go from red to white?? Why yes, yes it did, you astute observer. I never liked the red table and I wanted to change it up. I was planning on spray painting it white, but then at Ikea I saw they had these metal tables back out and they were only $15. So instead of buying spray paint, primer, a drop sheet, and possibly making a huge mess, I just bought a new one and tossed the old. I consider my time worth way more than the $5 I may have saved.

The beautiful flowers were from my friend as a thank you for taking care of her last week when she got her wisdom teeth out- isn't that sweet? They look great out here, but actually aren't direct sunshine flowers, so they will most likely move back in. I need to find a pot for them!!

Overall, I really think the new table looks great. The best part- it ties in nicely with the white bench out here!

Oh la la! I had also thought of changing the colour of the bench with spray paint, but now that it ties in with the side table, I am digging the white again. It looks much more relaxing out here!!

Here are some things I would still like to do with the patio one day:
- pillow for the bench
- new seat cushion for the chair
- flooring
- privacy screen between my balcony and the neighbours. Maybe a nice wooden one? I don't really like the glass backsplash- gotta warm this oasis up!
- better lighting (oh I will get to THAT one soon I hope...)


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