Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Now here was a bright idea...

So after THREE, count them: THREE, months of having a patio that looks like this:
See here for explanation
I decided enough was enough and I packed up those lights (as best as I could) and took them back to Canadian Tire. Did you know they have a 90 day return policy?? Anyway, they wouldn't give me a refund, but I did get store credit!! And I am sure to use it so I didn't mind in the least!

However, I didn't like any of their lanterns so I was stuck all lantern-less (couldn't really tell in the dark anyways) for a couple of weeks. Then last weekend my friend Sarah and I made a trek out to the west end of the city to go to some big box stores, and we went to Walmart and I found a new lantern!

They only had one tabletop lantern (there is TOTALLY an opportunity in the market here), but it looked nice enough! So I picked it up and brought it home and prayed it worked.

It was really weird- it isn't even a brand!

And on the instructions, it said if you have any questions or concerns, email David. AND IT HAD A PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS. I think I will email David and tell him I am enjoying his lamp. hahaha. Do you think David is some sort of lamp-god, and he left this here for me to find? Cause it was all by itself on the shelf and everything.

Anyway, I set up my lamp and I found out I love it more than my old ones!

1. Its nice and tall and has a HUGE solar panel on top for gathering the suns

2. The on/off switch is just under the lip! No screwing off the top like my old ones. It also has two brightness levels!
I really like the french translation for Position 1 and 2. Very handy



In other balcony news, I got this sweet plant at Walmart for $5. I don't even know what type of plant it is, so I will most likely kill it.

And lastly, it has been sooooo insanely hot in Toronto! like 35 degrees Celsius PLUS humidity, so it was more like 45 degrees! That's like 113 degrees Fahrenheit, for those Americans out there. In-sane.

It was so hot my candle melted

See that wet spot at the bottom? That's wax. There is green wax all over the white table (where it was sitting). The thing is like 2 inches shorter now. hahaha. Luckily now it is a more reasonable 25 degrees and breezy, so hopefully this candle will last the summer.

Did anyone else melt in the heat this week?

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