Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

I have had a couple of comments from friends (yes, YOU Miss Sarah) that my living room needs a mirror. Now, I do have a mirror in the bathroom, the front hall, and a full length mirror in the front hall closet- so it isn't that I am mirrorless. But those mirrors are utilitarian in that they serve a function. What my friends are talking about is a decorative mirror. Decorative mirrors are different because they are not designed to see yourself in, but to reflect light and make a place look brighter and larger.

And you know what, girls? I totally agree- I need a mirror! I don't know if it would reflect much light, but I think it would be a great touch that would pick up on the cool grey and silver tones I have going on.

Positioning of a decorative mirror is very important, because whatever it reflects becomes the art on the mirror wall too! Therefore if you are hanging a mirror, have it point towards something nice, like a window or a piece of art. Otherwise it will come off as more of a functional mirror, and if your mirror is not designed to reflect people (perhaps it is not at eye level or many small mirrors grouped together) then it will always seem "off". A mirror is not a decorative tool in and of itself, it builds upon the current decorative elements in a room through reflection.

Therefore, I decided that over my couch is the best spot. It will reflect my artwork over the TV, and hopefully will pick up some of the sunlight from the angled windows and help with lighting issues in the living room/kitchen space.

Now, I am a little stumped about the style of mirror that I want. I am also cheap, so none of these particular mirrors are actually what I will buy, I just thought I would photoshop some styles of mirror-decoration and see what I like.

Option A: Large Mirror
Option B: Smaller mirrors, in a grouping
Source: 1, 2, 3
Option C: Ornate Mirror
Option D: Starburst Mirror
I am kinda thinking Option D, looking at these photos. It seems like it will fit into the style of my place more. But what do you guys think?

Also, I am really glad I spent all that money on photography and photoshop classes. My skills astound me. hahaha.


  1. Option D...It is so you. I like option A too but not in gold.

    1. I agree on the gold, but I was just looking at scale, not details, when I chose the images!

      Thanks for the input hun! :)

  2. OPTION D!!! It's so pretty!
    Vee :)

  3. Option D for SURE! ... it is sooo Casey :)

  4. I was all about option A until I saw option D.... Definitely D!

  5. YAY for any mirror!

  6. D suits you AND if you're ambitious you can make it a dIY project. There are TONS of directions out there on how to make your own. Though I personally think a dark wrought iron would look super cool.


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