Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am so excited to write this post- I finally, finally, finally picked out and bought a couch! And guess what? It isn't even one that I showed you guys!

After all your wonderful comments on Monday's post, I really got thinking about my couch and I ended up more confused than when I started. So I went back to square one and started my search all over. I wanted to check out some new furniture stores so I literally Googled something like "furniture store toronto" or something and somehow ended up on the website for Arrow Furniture.

And There It Was.

It was love at first sight- clean lines, tufted, comes in a was beautiful. Do you remember the couch wish list I made when I first posted about wanting a new couch?
- On legs (seeing space under furniture adds visual space)
- has arms (I like to LEAN when I'm couching)
- not ikea (I have too much ikea)
- under 70", preferably 65"
- clean lines
- comfy, nappable
- good quality
- under $1000

Optional, but nice, ideas:
- tufted style
- fold out bed
- built in storage

Hello! This couch fits EVERYTHING and is even tufted (which I love, but I had never found in a loveseat before). The best part is that the bottom cushions are removable, so its very comfy and I can flip if they sag. I had looked at a lot of tufted couches, and most, if not all, did not have nice cushions like this.

The couch is also made in Canada, which is good for the environment (less transit, local materials, etc). And the fabric seemed excellent quality. It is grey in person, in case it looks a little off in the photos.

If I had to say anything bad about it, it would be that it is only 56" wide and I would have preferred 65". But the arms are narrower than my current couch, so I think seat-size-wise it may be similar.

Here is the link to it:

Do you see the only glaring problem with that link?? There was no listed price! I had no idea what the price would be for such a perfect couch. So I downloaded the flyer, and while it didn't include this couch, it let me know that the prices seemed reasonable. I had to go check it out!

However I have a super busy week coming up and when I looked up the locations, there were two in Toronto- one in a sketchy neighbourhood I wasn't comfortable visiting on my own, and one all the way out in Scarborough. But THEN I noticed the location in Mississauga was only a short walk from the edge of Toronto, so I could get close on public transit and walk the rest of the way. So after work on Tuesday, I hiked my way out to Mississauga to see my couch!

I walked in the store and found it right away- IN LOVESEAT! Yay! I was hoping the loveseat would be on display.

I. loved. it.

I loved it even more when I looked down at the tag and saw that it was $1099 BUT ON SALE FOR $759!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had any sort of athletic ability, I would have done a cartwheel right there. But I kept my cool and found a salesman and said "I want that couch and I want it for $600". Of course, he said no. haha. However, he DID give me $57 off the final price! That's practically free delivery!

I signed on the dotted line, handed over my Visa, and bought me a couch :)

Bad news? It won't be coming to live with me until the end of JULY! Ugh, I can't wait that long! But I will just have to be patient and hope all goes as planned and it will be here soon enough.

End of story, it can be worth waiting and being indecisive, because what you are looking for is out there! This is like the time I wanted a white blazer, but I only wanted to pay $40 and everyone said it couldn't be done. But then months later I found the perfect white blazer for $40 and I shunned the non-believers. And then the dry cleaner ruined it, but that is a whole 'nother story.

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  1. Love finding exactly what you want, in your price range, and then for a deal! Well done


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