Monday, June 18, 2012

How to wrap awesomely

Back in April, I did a post on wrapping paper, and I want to continue that post and show you all how I like to wrap presents. Oh yes, I have a well-known technique. I had to wait this long because I had no gift giving opportunities up until now- all birthdays and special occasions have been free from physical gift-giving. But Father's Day came along and my dad mentioned that he would like a Blu-Ray player for his boat, and therefore I had an excuse to wrap. By the way- has anyone else noticed how much these players have come down in price? I am shocked and I might by myself a new one because mine is evil.

So, without further ado, I bring you the how-to in wrapping presents like a boss.

1. Cut out a long piece of piece of paper to fit your gift on.

Then, fold in the long piece like you are going to wrap like normal. Once over the seam of the other side, bend it backwards, so the white side is up again. What you want to do is make accordion pieces, so it ends up like this:

However, the "fold" you have made should be shorter than the end of the package. It is hard to see that in this photo. Keep folding the long piece of paper back and forth, leaving as much as a gap between the fold before it as you wish. I usually go for about an inch.

Next, to seal off the end, you want to fold the end piece under a bit, so that the edge is smooth. I use double sided tape to hold down each fold, and hold down the last fold without tape showing on the gift.

All you have to do now is secure the ends like normal! Sometimes I cut a bit out the folds out from the side, as it can add a lot of bulk and make taping the sides down difficult!

You can also experiment with folding your paper to make different designs, like one fold that goes down the centre of the gift- like this:

The most important step when wrapping a Casey-style gift is to use COPIOUS amounts of curly ribbon. This ensures the recipient will take the longest to open your gift and will just increase the anticipation of the awesome gift :)

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I hope you enjoy your new Blu-Ray player and movies!!


  1. Bluray player is working great! Wonderful wrapping job, yet again.

  2. Ok Casey - I need a lesson IN PERSON. I'm not very coordinated with stuff like this. Your gift wrapping looks wonderful! Enjoy your Blue Ray Reg!


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