Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good girls finish rast: part III!!

Ok, so when we left off we were waiting for the 500th layer of paint to dry because the Canadian Tire paint guy lied about it having primer built in. Well, after 6 layers I deemed her painted and I got ready to do some stenciling! So here is where we were:

First things first, I had to find my stencils. I had bought some letter stencils at Walmart a couple of weeks ago for this project. But today? I COULD NOT FIND THEM! I seriously searched high and low and left and right and they were gone! I couldn't figure it out! Finally, after nearly giving up, I located them in a bag of random stuff that was in the front hall closet. Phew!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that "common letters" had duplicates, so I could lay the whole word down before painting. And what words am I laying out?? Well, I really went outside the box with this one:

Woo! Now the dresser can truly be called a shoe dresser. The label doesn't lie! To make the layers sit close to each other, I trimmed them up on the sides. I also tried to position the 'O' over the handle. Gotta think of the details ;)

So I poured out my paint in my handy-dandy little paint tray and got my handy-dandy little roller and got to work.

Ummm...does this look purple to anyone? This is "Fine Silver" which was one of the considerations for the condo walls. I did shake the can and stir it before using. I guess this paint just turns PURPLE when it sits for a month? I have no idea. And I was too lazy to go to the storage room and select another grey, so purple it is!

I had a couple whoopsie marks! So I quickly wiped them off with warm water. Then I laid out my next stencil- can you guess what it is?

Boooooots! :D I did think for awhile whether "Boots" should go on the upper or lower drawer of the double front, but since you need to pull the lower drawer front to open it, it made sense to label that one. Especially so my boot stealing friends can get in there. haha. In case that makes no sense, here is the hack I did to fit boots in the top drawer:

But I know you don't care about this. You care about before and afters!! Here you go:

Before: Boring Grey on Grey

After: Happy Go-Lucky Yellow!

Luckily the purpler paint looks much more silver in this lighting. Oh paint, I will never master you...

I am thinking of adding a padded top or something new and fun up on top. There is no outlet in this corner, so it can't be anything electric. Hmmm....

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