Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good girls finish Rast: Part II

Ok, so a few weeks ago I discussed the option of painting the shoe dresser in the front hall, but I couldn't decide between yellow and green. I actually loved the idea of a turquoise, but I have that colour in a few areas of the condo and I really wanted something different. With my choices narrowed between green and yellow, I headed out to get some paint chips.

I actually liked a few colours on these- like Mint Truffle (green side, 3rd from bottom) and Cheers (Yellow side, 3rd from top). But I still wasn't sure. I thought Mint might be too close to turquoise and that Cheers would be way too jarring.

I then compared with the wall paint and art in the front hall.

However, in the end, it didn't matter because I chose the colour that I love- YELLOW! I just find yellow so happy and fun and I knew I would love a little burst of sunshine in the front hall. Remember how I wanted more yellow accents? Well this was an easy way to do that! But I still wasn't sure what shade of yellow I liked. Once I got to Canadian Tire I looked at more chips and I ended up choosing a fun, buttery yellow called Daisy Chain. It was paler than Cheers, but still stayed warm.

The paint guy at Canadian Tire helped me choose the best paint for the job. I wanted eggshell paint for a bit of a sheen, and I also wanted paint and primer in one because the dresser was dark grey. The guy recommended CIL Reallife. AND I SHALL NOW FIND HIM AND SMACK HIM! Because I quickly learned that it is NOT paint and primer plus one.

But I digress, I will get to that later.

First, I brought the dresser to my living room (which is where I do all my paint projects) and I laid it out on a drop sheet. FYI- my drop sheet was a dollarstore poncho! haha. I am cheap and I actually had this in my closet from a couple of years ago (never used).

I then took out the drawers and removed the hardware. This is where I learned that a poncho makes a great drop sheet, because it has a convenient catch-all for hardware.

I then patched up any imperfections, which is a step that I didn't do the first time I painted it. As it is raw wood, it did come with a few dings. There are also marks from where the screws slightly poked through the wood from the brackets, but I just left that.

Then I started painting! This is where I learned that the paint did NOT have primer. Ugh. That is the last time I trust some guy from Canadian Tire to help me with paint. I was so annoyed. Also, why does a quart of paint cost $20??? If I had known it didn't have primer, I would have bought two sample sizes (which equals a QUART) for $5.99 each. Honestly makes no sense. I didn't do the sample sizes because then I would need to buy primer...which would cost more than $20. Oh well, live and learn.

Exhibit A of no-primer paint: first coat

Honestly, this was pathetic. I don't even know how many coats I ended up doing. At least 5. Thankfully this is quick and easy to paint, but imagine if this was a WALL? UGH.

So the point is, I do not have after photos because this project took way too long and it is now drying. I will get back tomorrow with those, but for now I will leave you with a few "in progress" shots.

Hey- actually looks yellow now!


  1. I love yellow. Can't wait to see it in place.

    1. You can see it here:


      Thanks for stopping by :)


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