Friday, June 29, 2012

My Tips: Hey, Sugar Sugar!

I am a big baker. I love to make cookies and cupcakes and brownies and all that deliciousness. I am always stocked on the baking essentials (except chocolate chips because I can't be trusted around those!). Sometimes I get a hankering for a cookie and I whip up an entire batch (and bring 95% to work). Except now I work in a small office of 3 people and I end up eating 90% of the cookies in the end. haha

I showed you my baking cupboard here:

 One of the worst issues for a baker is to pull out your supplies and find your brown sugar is hard as rock. Since baking has a lot to do with whether brown sugar is loose or packed, you cannot cook with hard brown sugar! But today I am going to share some techniques to prevent this issue, and how to fix it if it gets too late.

1. Store in a sealed, airtight container: Throw out the bag it comes in and use a container like I do! My brown sugar stays fresh WAY longer now that I keep it in Tupperware.

2. Wet a clay disc, dry it off, and toss it in the brown sugar. This works amazing. It is magic! My brown sugar feels like new! I have this cute little owl one I got for a few dollars at a baking store.

3. A lot of other items will work, like apple slices, marshmallows, and even a slice of bread! I am not sure how well those work, so you may want to research first.

Now, if you already have hard brown sugar- there is a super easy fix. Fill a bowl with a bit of water and fill a bowl with your brown sugar (not the same bowl!). Then stick in the microwave for 30 seconds. Bada-bing bada-boom: soft brown sugar!

What is your trick for fresh brown sugar every time?

Have a great long weekend, my fellow Canadians!!

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