Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bling Bling!

I decided that I was sick of pawing through a pile of jewellery (that's jewelry for my American friends) every morning trying to find a pair of earrings and I was sick of trying to pluck a necklace without another one falling into the trash, which results in me digging through my trashbin at 6:30am.

So, to begin with, my storage technique wasn't too bad. I hung necklaces from pins in the wall and I used a pretty copper container for rings and earrings.

But I really needed to pare down and sort through everything. So I laid out all my earrings and rings. Everything that didn't have a match, or was looking shabby, was thrown out.

Can you tell I like pearls?
Next I sorted them into everyday favourites, and special occasion and "specific outfit" earrings. The latter two categories will be stored elsewhere so I can easily find earrings for day-to-day.

I often take off my earrings at my computer when I get home, so i decided to make a little spot on the table to corral them. I used a soy sauce container from when I had sushi delivered!! If I ever find some cheap ceramic containers, I will upgrade, but these are the perfect size for what I needed.

Then I used another soy sauce container for bobby pins and elastics. I rarely do anything to my hair, so I don't have a lot of hair do-dads. Just these and the headbands you can see in the top photo that I hung with Command Hooks from the medicine cabinet.

I even used a soy sauce container for rings!! See why I may upgrade to a cute ceramic? Take out containers are gonna start taking over the condo! I don't often wear rings (I'm a fidgetter, so they annoy me) but I find rings SO cute and pretty and I wanted to keep them out in the open.

I also decided to put away a lot of necklaces that I am not quite ready to part with, but that don't often make it into rotation. I put the necklaces and the non-essential earrings in this pretty pink tin that was from a Christmas soap set. I hung the bigger earrings from the edges to help keep things neat and tidy. This tin will be stored in the medicine cabinet so I can easily access it if I need it.

Then I was ready to put everything back! I used a few more push pins in the wall so my delicate necklaces could have their own pins and not get tangled. I really love having them all on display- it is so pretty and feminine. The ones on the front wall get worn the most!

Then I put back my earring tray and placed the bobby pins and rings on the counter as well. It it probably the safest place so they won't accidentally get knocked over and onto the floor or- gasp- down the sink!!

It'll be so fast tomorrow when I need to find some earrings! Oh wait, I will probably just wear pearls again...but you get what I mean ;)

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  1. Really neat ideas Casey! You've inspired me..Thanks :)


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