Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you current homeowner!

After my post last month about my previous homeowner and all the updates he did, I thought I would do a little post about all the things I have done to the condo since moving in! Ok, ok, my dad pretty much did all of them (except painting!) but they were MY ideas- so it still counts, right?

So today, because it is my birthday week and I am allowed to toot my own horn, I decided to show you all the updates that I have been working on.

Below is the shelf  my dad an I installed above the bed. It was HARD to put in as the walls are drywall sitting right on cement! You need a hardcore drill to get it on there. I change up the collection on here a lot, but right now there are some shots of me and my friends, my books, an old family photo, some artwork my mother made years ago, and in the red frame is a piece of newspaper from 1878 that I found when I worked at a recycling plant.

Also by the bed is the third blind that I hung up. The original owner only installed two, but when the sun comes up, it comes through this last window on the left! It was difficult to hang as it extends in the awkward corner and has to hang from the drywall ceiling, requiring special screws.

One of the first updates I did was to install this curtain rod between the bedroom and the living room. Because the ceiling is different heights, this couldn't extend across the room, but it does help to visually separate the two spaces. I want to change this up, but I haven't made up my mind how yet.

This photo below is one of the most practical updates I (I mean, dad) installed. Before the condo had no storage for towels (I folded them on top of the medicine cabinet) and there was only one towel bar, so the hand towel had to share with the bath towel. We installed this rack above the existing towel rack, so now I have a place to store towels and beauty supplies!!

One of the more recent updates was this bar in the front hall closet. For the first couple of years I hung coats from the rack in the back. I soon realized that I would have more storage if the coats were hung near the front of the closet, so we installed this bar. Now I can hide my vacuum from guests!

I got this Ikea mirror for the front hall closet so that I would be able to have a full length mirror. Usually I would install something like this on a closet door, or use a free standing mirror. But there was no good spot for either of these options besides the front hall. I use it a lot!

And lastly, I painted!!

So those are all the small updates I have initiated since moving in. Maybe one day I will get to the bigger stuff, but for now I am happy with the functionality and beauty of the few things I have been able to do!

Is anyone else as terrible at installing things as me and calls their dad for every small project??

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  1. Condo looks beautiful Casey! Time for another visit!

    Can Reg come and help with things at my house too!! haha

    xo Sheila


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