Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paint till you faint- Part 1

I know you all have been anxious to see my paint up on the walls. But sometimes computers break when you least expect it!! At these times all you can do is thank the lord for Ipads because otherwise you would be watching paint dry on a Saturday night. I have a new computer now, which I will talk about later this week because I want to make sure it is a keeper first!

Back to painting. On Friday I went to Canadian Tire to buy paint and supplies. The paint guy told me I would only need one gallon to cover the whole space. Premier Paint was $33.99 per can, on sale for $25.99. PLUS there was a deal on where you got a $5 giftcard for every gallon purchased! This means a can of good quality paint would only cost me $20.99 per can plus tax. Which was great, because I ended up needing 3. Ya...thanks paint guy for your terrible advice. But onto painting!

So Friday I prepped the hallway for painting as completing the hallway, large wall, and the kitchen was my goal for Saturday. Remember I was taking this one section at a time so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed. Saturday morning I had a hair appointment, and then I met Sarah at Canadian Tire to pick up more supplies (hey- I only have two arms and I couldn't get everything I wanted in one day). There was also a great stepstool on sale for $11.99 that I had my eye on the day before so I got that too. Did I mention the subway was down this weekend too? Super annoying for getting home!

Sarah and I headed back to my place and took the key step of ordering pizza. We finished up the taping and decided to wait for pizza before cracking open the paint. Finally at around 2:00pm pizza was eaten and we started painting!!

Here is the before shot of the hallway, all taped and empty:
You can see the old swatches up on the wall. We are painting the middle colour! I had picked up some cheapo dropsheets and they came in real handy. We also learned to tape them right to the wall to keep them in place. haha. So we cut in around the tape with a brush and we used an edging tool for the ceiling (it didn't come out perfect- popcorn ceiling is hard to paint around).

In progress:
It is kind of had to see, but that this point we were partly down the wall. The colour was actually quite subtle in the end, but looked nice and crisp around the baseboards and door. You can see in this photo how the door is white against the grey.

So we worked down the hall and got to about here by 4:00pm:
And then we ran out of paint. CURSE YOU CANADIAN TIRE PAINT MAN!! We also ran out of painters tape- but you can only blame me for that. haha. So we closed up shop, Sarah went home with sore arms, and I went back to Canadian Tire to buy more paint and tape. I got two gallons because there was NO way I was going back for a 4th time in one weekend.

Overall it went very smoothly- no major accidents. The only issue we had was that the paint was not covering in one go, even though I had been informed that this paint only required one coat and reviews had confirmed that. We kept seeing whiter spots. It may have been our painting technique, or it may have been the walls, or even the paint. I will never know, but I did have to do a lot of touching up.

Once in awhile we ran into one of these as well:
Oopsie! I didn't stress over this though. I just went around and touched up the ceiling with some white craft paint. Popcorn ceiling hides all- I guess it isn't so bad! You can also see what I meant by a "white spot" when it came to coverage.

So that is part 1 of my painting adventure. 2 people, 2 hours, and not even half done! From this point on, I was on my own.

PS: Here is what the rest of the condo looked like by this point:
 Yikes. I also ended up with a lovely "painter's manicure" which I totally went around with all weekend. All nails were sacrificed to this project.

I shall leave you with the after photos of part 1!


Stay tuned tomorrow for part deux!


  1. I see you used a contrast colour on the fuse box. I knew you would do a contrast area!

    1. ah yes, classic "metal grey". too bad I hung the mirror back over it!!


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