Friday, May 18, 2012

Organzing Week: Shame

So I know you all read this blog and think "hot dog, that Casey is able to live in such a small condo and still have all these awesome things! She must be great at maximizing storage!" And it's true, I am, because I spent two full years with only these 400 sq ft to hold everything I owned in this world. But at the end of last year I made a decision- I needed more space. I wanted to own a Christmas tree, a sewing machine, a drill, step ladder, etc. There was just no room! So when I saw a sign in the lobby that the building still had some lockers up for sale, I jumped on it.

Let me explain this to you, because people are always shocked. Condos do NOT always come with lockers. Many, many buyers will also purchase a locker when they buy their condo, but just like parking spots, this is an option. My previous owner did not choose to buy a locker, for whatever reason. So I had NO outside storage.

So I called the sales agent and met with him to look at the lockers that were for sale. OMG they were SMALL and AWKWARD. One was shaped like this:
No lie. I laughed and laughed. It wasn't even discounted!!

I finally picked one and went to sign the paperwork. That is when I realized that there was title involved with this purchase. And title=lawyer. Sigh. I did finally go through everything with the lawyer and let me tell you, my $3000 locker ended up costing about $4000 when all was said and done. YIKES!

My new locker was mostly square in shape and in a room with only two lockers, right near the elevator. I immediately went down and started putting stuff in there. The only problem is that I never stopped putting things in there. I used to sell or trash things I didn't want anymore, but now they were moving down into this black hole of junk.

Here is the view of the locker now:

It actually isn't that bad compared to most lockers. A lot of people store stuff in every square inch. But I actually use mine as a storage room that I access quite often. I don't put stuff down here for some future, bigger home. Also, some people have barely anything in their locker, which I do NOT understand. People actually rent lockers out for $40-$50 per month!! If I wasn't using my locker, I would totally rent it out and get a pedicure every month. As for why I bought one vs renting, the value of my stuff isn't worth $40 a month to store and this way it raises the value of the condo (people buying a bachelor are much happier to hear there is a locker!).

So, to properly end Organizing Week here at Waffling, I am going to completely tear this thing out and clean it up. I wanted to have it done by today, but it has just been crazy busy and I hurt my hand last weekend and couldn't do heavy lifting. Now that the long weekend is here, I have no excuses (well, I wish I was sunbathing and not cleaning, but whatevs).

So come back on Monday and see this bad boy looking all sexy and clean! Have a great long weekend and wear your sunscreen!!


  1. Just discovered your blog and I really like it! However, the ink color is so light that it is difficult for me to read.... I hate to impose, but could you possibly use a darker color????? If not, okay, and I'll try to muddle through the way it is, but should you decide to change it -- thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for the input! I didnt know it was hard to read!


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