Monday, May 14, 2012

Organizing Week: TV Stand

When I last left you, I was 25. But now I am an old and wizened 26 year old and I thought to organize my life this week and take you along on the journey! I decided to start off with organizing my TV stand as it had been starting to fill up with random stuff over the past few weeks. I also got a sewing machine for my birthday (woo!) so I decided to clear up some space for all the sewing do-dads I will be picking up.

I also hurt my hand (I think I sprained a knuckle, if that is even possible) so I can't do anything heavy handed until it is healed. I might even have to miss yoga this week, which I am not happy about because I will die on my downward dogs on my return if I miss a whole week. Sigh, I need to go easier on this 26 yr old body- it can't take it. haha

So, here is how the TV stand drawers looked when I started:

The farther drawer contained a whole random assortment of stuff that I mean to take down to storage, including some special stuffed animals from my childhood that I will pass on one day! I wanted to empty this drawer for the sewing supplies. The middle drawer holds my DVDs (In the large black CD case), and a picture album that I have yet to fill. Does anyone know a good site for ordering photos? The last drawer was all sorts of yearbooks, manuals, and remotes.

First things first, I emptied all the drawers and piled everything on the couch for sorting. 

I actually thought the pile would be bigger than this! haha. I decided to allocate one drawer for tools, since currently my tools live in a couple of drawers in the dining table/desk. But those drawers are narrow and deep, so it is hard to get anything out. Plus my hammer didn't fit well in there. I have a large tool case for my screw drivers and wrenches, but I was finding all my other tools (stud finder, stapler, hammer, billion screws, power screw driver, etc) were getting harder and harder to fit. So the tools went from this home:

To this home!

Yay! Tons of room for new tools now. Hmmm....what should I get next?? I finally used the 2nd box from this project to corral all my screws, nails, magnets, hooks, etc.

The 2nd drawer of the TV table was going to hold much the same as before- the DVD book. But I also added in my collection of remotes (I use a universal remote day-to-day but I keep the old ones around for good measure). I also made this into a game drawer with my Nintendo DS, a deck of cards, and Pass the Pigs (best game EVER! haha) I really need to get some board games one day.

The final drawer is for my sewing supplies, along with a few other things that didn't really have a home.

The green box was a gift from my aunt and I still use it to this day! It holds about 40 colours of thread, measuring tape, scissors, pins, and needles. I will need to pick up some sewing machine needles, way more pins, chalk, material scissors, some bobbins, and some good threads for sewing, so I think this drawer will fill up more once I get all that!

For all the other things that were once in these drawers, some stuff got filed properly in the filing cabinet and the rest has gone away for storage.

So that was today's little project to get organized! I will be doing different areas of the condo over this week so stay tuned!

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