Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ooh, Shiny!

When I first moved into the condo, the fridge was spotless. I mean, it was cleaner than a brand new fridge. I could see my reflection in the plastic drawers!! So I did the appropriate thing and let food rot all over it and never cleaned it. Until now! Yup, it was time to tackle this bad boy!!

Here are the befores (you've seen my empty freezer before)

The freezer was very easy. I just quickly emptied it and wiped it down. The frozen veggies went in the trash, as they were suffering from a severe case of freezer burn. I keep my pitas and english muffins in the freezer because it will take me MONTHS to eat them. I'd rather lose some freshness than buy new damn pitas every 2 weeks.

I need to get a shelf for in here. I had one, but I stole it to help store my plates and bowls better. I probably need less ice too- I don't even USE ice!

Then I emptied the fridge. This was the big job, as it involved checking everything for expiry dates. Let me spare you the surprise: EVERYTHING WAS EXPIRED. I am not a condiment/sauce person. I just don't use them. But once in awhile a recipe will call for something like that, so I buy it and only use a bit. Then it sits in the fridge until it goes bad because I got bored of that recipe. This is a problem when you live alone! I think if I planned my meals better, I could be better at this. I would pick different recipes using these ingredients and use them all up before they went bad.

Sometimes you also just buy something to try it, but then decide it's not for you. That's why I had natural peanut butter in the fridge. I hated it. Sorry, I know it is better for you but bleh, I'll take my oil-laden peanut butter any day!

Oh and in case my friends are reading, the cake box is long since emptied. I was just too lazy to take it to the garbage chute. And for those who didn't get to see this before, CHECK OUT MY AWESOME BIRTHDAY CAKE MY FRIEND MADE ME!

This photo does not do it justice
So in the end, all of this went bye-bye:
How long had my ketchup been expired? I've been eating that!
My fridge looked BAD. So gross. Darn vegetables leaking their vegetable juices all over.

So I wiped it all down and took the bins out and gave them a good scrub with soap and water. I also found this mysterious piece of tape:

How long has THAT been there? I guess the previous homeowner had an issue with the top shelf moving? I have no idea. But I left it there in case it was holding the fort together. Didn't want to take any risks.

Then I got to move all my food back in!

Woo, that is a full fridge! Haha I actually used some of the stuff in there for making dinner during this project, so by the time I took this picture it was more empty. But I actually consider this a pretty full fridge. If I have sweet potatoes or pasta sauce, or eggs, I have food for dinner!

You may notice that my nail polish is in that glass container in the fridge door. My friend just recently told me that keeping your nail polish in the fridge helps it last longer! Who knew?

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  1. Time to buy some food (even plastic to fool your guests!).


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