Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My trip to Ikea and Fabricland

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekends! I know I did. I spent ample time relaxing on the roof of my building and catching up on my reading. It was a little weird having a lot of friends MIA, but solitude is not a bad thing at times. I cleaned my locker on Friday night, so that I would have all weekend free for funner pursuits. The main thing I wanted to accomplish this weekend was going to Fabricland and Ikea with my friend Lisa.

Firstly, it is worth noting that there are no Fabriclands downtown and all the ones nearby Toronto seem to be slowing closing. I know there are 500 fabric stores along Queen St, but they are SO intimidating! And I don't think they sell patterns, so what was I to do there? I think I have a lot to learn about sewing. So Lisa and I took the subway all the way up to North York to hit up a Fabricland there that is closing this summer (woohoo for sales, but boooo for closing). I am so glad Lisa came because I actually had no idea what I was doing. I had never bought a pattern before and I didn't know how to process worked. Turns out you select from a book and then a store employee will get you the pattern. All patterns were buy 1 get 2 free, so I got two "easy" ones and one "medium difficulty". I also got pins, fabric scissors, thread, and a stitch ripper (I know my skill level- stitch ripper is key). By this point we had been there awhile and I felt Lisa getting impatient so I decided to buy fabric for only one of the easy patterns. We had SO much fun picking fabric. It is the best part of sewing!!

With Fabricland over, we heading over to the nearby Ikea. Poor Lisa wanted a duvet that was on sale, but they had sold out :( Very unfortunate, but we did find lots of fun things. I got some new mixing bowls (WAY overdue) and I got a new pot for my new flowers!
I picked up these Begonias after work on Friday for $5.99 at the random fruit/vegetable store near my work. I fell in love with their pretty yellow colour and I thought maybe I can keep a potted plant alive...we shall see. I am loving this cute green pot I got for it, though! I hope the flowers appreciate the effort I make for them!

Then as Lisa and I were leaving, we found a wine tasting stand. Ok, not actual wine...but some sort of sparking juice. It was SO yummy! I picked up a bottle of each flavour and two days later I have managed to finish one off completely. Good thing it wasn't real wine ;)
mmm...Ikea wine
One was Pear and apple, and the other was apple and lingon berry. Has anyone ever heard of a lingon berry before going to Ikea? I had to look it up when I got home. Turns out it is a berry that is all over the northern hemisphere. Who knew? The pear one was definitely my favourite of the two.

Anyway, that was the beginning of my long weekend. Tomorrow I will share my sewing adventures, but for now I need to head back to the roof with my bottle of Ikea wine!

Update: I think Ikea wine made me sick... Saturday I got a killer headache and Sunday I had terrible nausea. Hmm...maybe you're not supposed to drink a whole bottle in one sitting? Darn those lingon Berries.

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