Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet Myrtle

With all the painting and computer breaking and buying I had going on this week, I forgot to introduce you to the newest member of my household menagerie.

Meet Myrtle the Turtle:

I was at Winners last Thursday before yoga class, trying to find a new pair of workout pants. I happened upon Myrtle and thought "dang, that is a sweet turtle". It was only $10! Unbelievable price for such a giant and awesome turtle. I originally considered putting it outside, but this mustardy yellow would clash with my neon yellow deck chair. The turtle also came in blue, but man oh man I loved the yellow. So I bought it anyway and figured I would find it a good home.

She joins my bird (seen here), three owls, and a pig in helping make my place a little more fun. Myrtle is quite large, and a lovely shade of yellow. Remember how I couldn't find any yellow accessories? Well the second I saw this turtle I knew she was coming home with me! After I painted I ended up reorganizing my accessories so now Myrtle and the bird get to live together on the TV stand. I am sure they are already the best of friends, because the bird only cost $3, so they have amazing prices in common. The bird doesn't really have a name.

Does anyone else have too many ceramic animals? Did anyone else buy a giant yellow turtle before yoga, then leave it in the change room and worry that someone would steal it??? Not that I did that or anything....

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