Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to use painter's tape

Some people can pick up a paintbrush and paint a perfect straight line around baseboards and around outlets, but if you are not one of them, please read below for some helpful tips!

So for this job I used two types of painter's tape- Premier Brand (cheap) and Frogtape (expensive). I did prefer the frogtape. It just stuck a lot better and I had nice sharp edges when I was done. For a few extra bucks, I think it is worth it. However today I am going to teach you two tricks to taping.

1. Use smaller lengths, but layer them carefully.

I find it is impossible to keep a line straight when working with a huge piece of tape. However no one likes picking up small bits of tape all over the baseboards! What should you do? The trick is layering the tape in one direction:
I started with the piece of the left, then layered the middle piece over it, then the 3rd piece over THAT. If you keep the layering the same, all the tape should come off in one go, just start lifting on the left end!

2. Covering outlets.

Covering outlets is no fun. Some people just remove the outlet cover, but I ain't that fancy. So I came up with a quick and easy way to wrap an outlet cover in tape:

Rip off a good size strip of tape and place it over the top like a tape-hat for the outlet:

Yes, I left my TV in plugged in so I could keep watching while I painted. haha

 The carefully fold down the sides:

Make sure all the sides are even and secure. Then turn in the sides of the tape against the outlet.

Finally, fold down the top!

Repeat on the bottom and you now have a happy little outlet present!! :) I find that this technique was superfast and the rounded corners of the outlet cover were well protected!!

PS- Doesn't this Frogtape look amazing with the old grey wall and white trim and outlets? Me-ow! Who knew prep could look so good?

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  1. Paint till you faint , so cute. Love grey, looking great.


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