Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good girls finish RAST

So, as you may have noticed, I am a girl. And being a girl, I have a lot of shoes. When I lived in North York, my roommate and I had a whole storage room in the apartment devoted to shoes. But now I live in this tiny place with only one tiny closet, so I had to pare down my collection and fit them in somehow. The majority of my shoes live on a shoe rack in the closet. However in the winter there always seem to be boots EVERYWHERE because boots don't fit well on a shoe rack. So I began my search for a suitable boot storage system. I had a spot beside the front door which is about 1 ft by 2 ft so I was thinking maybe of using a bookshelf. But then I couldn't find a bookshelf that would fit that space well!

Finally, I stumbled upon the Rast dresser from Ikea. This dresser is notorious in the DIY circles as an easy "hack". Just google "Rast hack" and you will find hundred of ideas on how to prettify this basic dresser.

Here is the basic dresser, sold at Ikea for only $40:
And here are some hacks that have been previously done on it:
Via: http://aubreyandlindsay.blogspot.ca/2009/09/side-table-project.html

Via: http://marcusdesigninc.blogspot.ca/2011/02/my-ikea-diy-dorothy-draper-style.html

Via: http://hodgepodge-babselou.blogspot.ca/2011/08/monday-monday-and-another-rast-hack.html

So I thought that perhaps I could hack this thing to hold my boots. First thing I did was use brackets to attach the front of the top drawer to the 2nd drawer. This way the 2nd drawer could hold tall boots, as there is no drawer installed above it. But from the front it would look like an ordinary dresser. Then I used leftover dark grey paint to give it a new look and I installed new hardware. I didn't go overboard because this is a $40 dresser, so I wasn't about to stick in $10 knobs, ya know?

So here is the end result!!

Ya...I have giant feet so my shoes don't quite fit. But I can fit 3 pairs of boots in the top if I angle them, and my two runners in the bottom shelf! I didn't paint the inside because it was just going to get beat up, but it was a great decision because it smells delicious and woodsy in there!!

However, I now have a new problem. I painted the condo grey! So now it looks like this:

whomp whomp. It is soooo boring looking!! I have decided to repaint the Rast to something a little more fun!!

Perhaps a nice apple lime cocktail?
Or maybe a fiesta yellow?

Hmmm....what do you think I should do? I am open to suggestions!!

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  1. Casey you are so crafty! I love it!. I would do the green in a trim similar to the last example. I know you don't want to do expensive knobs, but cleared jewelled ones would really sparkle!
    Vee :)


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