Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cleaning up my room of shame!

So I decided to clean my locker out on Friday night so that I would have the whole weekend free to sit on my roof and "tan" (AKA- wear sunscreen and get burnt anyway). However, this was a poor idea as my building has a broken air conditioner and it was HOT in the locker. Actually, they probably don't pump any air conditioning in the parking levels and lockers, so that is irrelevant. I actually had even more stuff to take downstairs, because my dad and I cleaned out my old room and I wanted to keep a few special items.

I like my favourite toys from when I was a baby:

This is Dene the Cabbage Patch doll and Meaghan the pink bear! They definitely need a good wash before I give these to my daughter one day- yikes!

Now, remember how the locker looked before?

The first thing to do was move out what I could to make space to work with my shelving. This was particularly difficult because there is NO extra room in this locker room. See here?

This is the little space outside the locker that I had to work with when storing. The stuff in this photo is what was going to be moving down here.

Once I had cleaned out the room as best as I could, I got down to sorting out the stuff on the shelving. In case you were wondering, the boxes have books and pictures in them, and the grocery bags have all my old dvd cases. I didn't want to throw them out because when I own a home I will probably not want to keep my dvds in a CD case anymore. There are two full bags!! I need to stop loving movies so much. Thank god for Netflix now.

Here is the final view of the locker with clean shelving!

Woo! So much better! I moved the paint all the way to the bottom, because I don't access it regularly. Yes, that is ALL paint down there! I also now had room to store my drill on the shelf (it is in the red and black bag). The top shelf is my luggage, air mattress, laptop bag, and cupcake holder. This is stuff I may access more often so it got top billing ;)

I then moved the larger items back in, like the Christmas tree and my awesome convertible dolly.

I want to get some hooks and hang some stuff up still, but oh my god it is so spacious in there now! I could throw a party with all that floor space!! Everyone come over! But no really tall people, because the cage is only 6th tall.

I actually had quite a big pile of donate/sell/trash

I tried to sell these lightweight vacuums for weeks but people would NOT commit to coming and giving me some damn money so I am giving up. I am going to try and sell the pants hangers and ironing board though. Anyone want some pants hangers and an ironing board??

The rest went to the trash room:
But not to be trashed! I left them in the "pick up area" inbetween the vacuum box that someone left there (no idea why) and this sweet shopping cart. haha. Also, I noticed my building had painted the door to the garbage room. I have no idea why. Did they hold some meeting about how to spend my maintenance fees and decide painting the door to a garbage room was a good use of funds?? They didn't even paint it well. Honestly.

I then realized that there was a couch down here, so I moved my cushions to it.

Gotta keep the garbage room classy!!

So now my locker is super clean, which means I definitely need more stuff ;) Did anyone else spend their Friday evenings cleaning a locker?? Am I that lame?? I hope you all had a great long weekend!

Update: So I went down to the locker to grab something and I get into the elevator with another lady. We both go down to the same parking level. I follow her out and we walk towards the same area in the parking level. Then she pulls out a key to open the door to MY locker room! It was my locker roommate! There are only two lockers in this particular room, so what are the chances I would EVER meet this person, yet alone take the elevator down with her?? She was very nice. Good to know there isn't a crazy person near my stuff.


  1. Love it! Yes, I spend some Friday nights clearing out my storage space in the basement - the cold room! It's finally DONE. I had the same problem as you - move the stuff out of the way to put in the shelving units (which I found on sale at Cdn Tire for $10.00 each - bought 3) You couldn't walk in there before, now you could bowl!

  2. Your cabbage patch doll was named after my friend Dene (not Dean)!

    1. Ive been spelling it wrong all these years?? well shoot...


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