Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zee Floorplan!

Now I know a lot of people come over to my place and they are like "Dang Casey, your place is a maze! I sure could use a map!". Well you are in luck, because I finally made one!

Ok, ok, so my place is definitely NOT a maze. Or if it is, it is the worst maze ever conceived. But regardless I spent the time to measure her out and make a to-scale layout of my condo.
I tried to fit it on one piece of paper, but that proved IMPOSSIBLE! so I can't scan it, so boo on you- you will just have to squint. As you can see, my place is long and skinny (I wasn't lying!)

Let's examine room by room, shall we?
Here is my front hall, which contains my ONLY closet. I holds all my coats, scarves, shoes, and there are some shelves for storage. I also have a washer and drier, which is sweet! I have a small dresser there that holds boots and shoes in the winter. I am not entirely sure what I will do with it this summer since I don't need my boots handy.
Yay my bathroom! The only "room" in this whole place. The sink is recessed into the wall and I would like to one day replace the vanity, but dealing with that alcove might make it awkward. Also, my vanity isnt crooked. Just my drawing skills.
Le kitchen! I love having full sized appliances and a dishwasher. It is good times over here. The only updating it needs would be a nice stone countertop. However the money fairy is on strike so that might be a plan for another year.
My living room! Just a couch and a TV stand. We don't have a lot of space in this zone, even though it is the largest open area of the condo. It is only 9.5 ft across. And that is the WIDEST part of my condo. I demand you stand up right now, bust out of a measuring tape and see how short 9.5 ft actually is. It is insane. But I can fit two people on the couch, two on the ottoman at the foot of the bed, and two people at the nearby table so I can actually entertain quite a crowd in here!

 Aw, my bedroom! I love that I was able to fit a whole "bedroom" in my condo. I chose to fit it back in this small end of the condo because it is more of private space, separated from the public space of my kitchen/living room. Guests don't usually venture back here unless we are heading to the balcony.

And finally, my balcony! It is SUCH a weird shape and doesn't even flow with the shape of my condo. See the way it juts out of one side (where I have my yellow chair)? That part of the building wall isn't even mine! My balcony is separated by a wall on that side with my neighbour's balcony and for some reason they gave ME the shared section of wall (that foot or two is a dividing wall between our condos so it isn't anyone's space). So I have a huge patio and my neighbour has a teeny-tiny one. Ha-ha!

Well there is a map of my home. Try not to get lost next time you visit :)

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  1. what an improvement! working with such a narrow space isn't easy to do. I like that you brought so much white into the space. congrats on a job well done!


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