Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank you previous homeowner!

You may not know this, but I am only the second owner of this condo. Yup, only one person lived here before moi! It was built in 2008, so I suppose he bought it in 2005 or so and moved in in April 2008 (Hey! happy 4th birthday condo!). But by the summer of 2009, his girlfriend had moved in, things had gotten tight, and they decided to sell and buy a one bedroom. Then this puppy was all mine for the taking!! (See the full story here).

Now sometimes when you move into a pre-owned home there is a lot of work to do. Your previous homeowner may have covered hardwood with ugly carpet, or installed a wall of shingles in the basement. Or even just left the place is gungy state meaning you are whipping out the Vim and Lysol before you even get to settle in. But not my previous homeowner! He was an upstanding gentleman. I came into a perfectly clean home- even my fridge my gleaming white inside.

So in honour of the condos 4th birthday this month, I am going to do a shoutout to my previous homeowner and all the wonderful "treats" he left for me, besides a clean home (yes, some were in the contract but he still installed them!)
Thank you previous homeowner for installing this medicine cabinet. As you can see, it has been taken over with girlyness, but it does serve me well! It is great storage for all my stuff :). Also, thank you for painting the bathroom such a pretty shade of blue AND leaving me the paint can so I can do touch ups. I get so many compliments on my bathroom thanks to you!

Thank you previous homeowner for installing this mirror in the shower. I don't really get the purpose, because it isn't fog-proof (did you shave in here?) but it's cool.

 Thank you previous homeowner for installing this shelf in the shower. No cheap shower caddy for me- it's all class in the bathroom! Please disregard the copious amounts of body wash shown here- I like to smell pretty.

Thank you previous homeowner for installing this fancy dancy shower head in here. I know you upgraded it because I found the old one under the sink. I love this thing!

Thank you previous homeowner for installing this bar over my sink. I am constantly changing up what hangs from here, but it has been super handy at keeping my countertops clear.

Thank you previous homeowner for installing this amazing garbage caddy under my sink. My garbage and recyclables stay nice and organized and out of the way. I also love how you were smart and cut out the back corner so it would fit under the piping (a technique my dad had to employ when installing his matching garbage caddy at his home!)

Thank you previous homeowner for installing these blinds. It sure gets a lot of light in here in the mornings, and these help (though it still is REALLY bright! Dang sun). I don't know why you didn't put one in front of the other window to the left, but I took care of that. Don't you worry.

Thank you previous homeowner for installing these hooks in the front hall closet. You probably used it for coats because there was no bar installed until just a few months ago, but we both know it was MADE for a ridiculously large scarf collection!

And finally:
Thank you previous homeowner for installing this TV and TV wall mount (not pictured) but then being too lazy to take it down so I got the whole thing for free and then sold it for $160 a couple of years later! Well, the wall mount went to my dad, but I'm sure he could make a few bucks off it. Also, thank you for painting this wall that nice shade of grey (and leaving the paint can)!

Well, there you go, all the amazing upgrades my previous homeowner left me. I sometimes forget they aren't original to the condo, until I see ads for rentals or sales of other condos in my building.

In short, you rock, previous homeowner. And happy birthday condo!!

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  1. Irish showers! Soap up hot, rinse off cold. Since he probably shaves at the end to have a nice cold water shave, fog is a non-issue with the mirror. That's how my morning works anyways.


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