Monday, April 9, 2012

Small, Cool Contest

Remember when I posted about Apartment Therapy's Small, Cool Contest here? Well I still haven't made up my mind about entering (surprise, surprise) and now AP has started showing the entries and it has further confirmed in my mind that I am not ready to play with the big boys yet. However I have been looking to the entries in the teeny-tiny division for inspiration and maybe a bit of jealousy. The overall shapes I am seeing are very boxy and my place is long and skinny, so I can't get floorplan inspiration- but they are full of adorableness on a small scale level. 

So without further ado, here are some great tiny places to oogle over:
Michelle in New York, NY, (311 sq ft)
OMG the purple! It is FANTASTIC! And I love her "lofted" bed and striped wall. I love the pops of apple green too. Great colour combo here.

William in Minneapolis, MN (363 sq ft)
He looks like he put his TV in the closet, which is pretty cool, but I cant figure out where his clothing hides!! I love this kitchen though. Lots of counter space. The exposed brick and hardwood is nice too

Kate in New York, NY (348 sq ft)
I call shenanigans on this being only 348 sq ft! there is a bedroom in there!!! But I guess that is what a good layout does. I do love the soft colours here- very much like my style. I really want her fireplace too!

Lynn in San Fran, CA (305 sq ft)
I love that Lynn isn't afraid of using that deep blue in her hallway. I definitely love it! The christmas light headboard is beautiful too

Tanaporn in Charlottesville, VA (397 sq ft)
I love the colour!! You can see Tanaporn used white as a based and popped colour throughout to make her place super charming. Definitely what I am trying to do so I am taking note of how she did it. I also like how she used a curtain for a headboard.

Dane and Leah in Portland, Or (365 sq ft)
Aren't these two so cute!? They also got a lot of their furniture from craigslist, which is awesome (though you have to be careful of bedbugs!!) I am not sure where their clothes are either. But congrats on fitting TWO people into that tiny place!

Diana in New York, NY (305 sq ft)
I am loving the pink in this place. And her cute dog! I think she also put her bed in the closet, which is genius. I have seen this before on AP and every time I lament my lack of a giant walk in closet

JoAnn in Chicago, IL (400 sq ft)
I am loving the stenciled wall in this place. I really think I may attempt that on my accent wall (by the TV) when I repaint in a couple of months. I love that she has a bed nook, a good sized kitchen AND  WALK IN CLOSET! swoon.

Nick in Los Angeles, CA (272 sq ft)
Yikes this place is small! But I think Nick has done a good job dividing his space up well. A dining area and office weren't as important to me so I wouldn't have done that in my place, but to each his own! I am LOVING his bathroom though. That shower curtain is gorgeous and the rug is adorable.

Jennifer in New York, NY (136 sq ft)
That is not a typo- this poor girl's place is TINY! But she has a very small kitchen and bathroom so she was still able to put in a living AND bedroom. kudos to you, Jennifer! I am really liking her corkboard wall and curtain room divider (like me!)

Alexis in Brooklyn, NY (335 st ft)
Alexis' place is very MCM (Mid Century Modern), which isn't my taste in furniture. But I do love her use of maps as decoration! Be prepared for a similar project that I have been working on...

deRaismes' in Washington, DC (312)
This place has a very cluttered look, but it is neat so I appreciate the effort to not go minimalist in a small space. I am loving the blue bedroom that was MADE with the Expedit. I seriously thought it was a room! But I don't get how you can complain about storage with a giant closet like that!

Derona in Clerkenwell, London, United Kingdom (392 sq ft)
This place has a great layout, of which I am jealous because my place is the same size. I find her design sense so relaxing. i would just want to take a nap in here!

Dana in Cluj Napoca, Romania (355 sq ft)
I love that Dana isn't afraid to put colour up on her walls!! And that blue tub! It is soooo gorgeous. Would it be weird to install a clawfoot tub in my modern condo? haha

Geoff in Vancouver, BC, Canada (390 sq ft)
Hey a fellow Canadian!! I love Geoffs mix of white walls and dark furniture. I also like the little desk tucked into the corner with the light installed over it. And it looks like the desk folds down too. very handy.

So I set out to only show my favourites- but I couldn't choose! How will I ever vote in this contest? haha.

Things I am taking away:
- I really want a large Arc lamp. You can see it in JoAnn's and Nick's homes. Now that I have a table, it would be nice to get a light over it, and a light that can swing over when I move the table to the living room for a dinner party would be awesome
- I need to bust through my walls and find some exposed brick. There is brick in modern condos- right? haha
- I still wish I had a fireplace. I looked all over before buying my TV stand, but I never found a fireplace/media stand I liked
- I am on the right track with using lots of white, it clearly helps these homes look great
- Don't be afraid of colour!

Are you going to vote in the contest? Who would you choose and why?

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