Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Say no to crack!

Ok, so here is my beautiful TV stand, which I only bought a couple of months ago.
Looking nice, right? Don't see any problems? No? Well let's zoom in:


Well I will never know how it happened. It wasn't there when I built the TV stand, and I only noticed it a couple of weeks ago. So in order to find out if my TV was about to crash into the ground, I marked off the end of the crack with a pencil line. See it up there? The line would let me know if the crack was growing. I am happy to report that after 2 weeks, the crack has not grown. Phew. So it probably isn't a structural issue. I hope. haha

So I broke out my putty to fix up this crack-er-roo and send it packing. As you may recall, the putty is designed for wood and my tv stand is wood so it was a match made in heaven.

Once again I busted out my go-to putty tool- my middle finger!
I really need new putty. This stuff is getting dried out.

Once I had let the putty dry, I gave it a light sanding. Unfortunately, I sanded off some of the paint. Sigh. Isn't any project EASY? So now I will have to find a bit of white paint in order to touch this puppy up! I don't have any on hand, so here is where this project left off:


Also, note to self- dust DVD player. ew!

Has any one else had new furniture fail them inexplicably? What did you do to fix it?

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