Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little bit of spackulation!

Yes, that is a word. At least, in my crazy mind. haha

BUT IT MEANS TODAY WE ARE SPACKLING! Is that even a word? Ok, we are "applying an extra fine patching compound to repair surface damage to interior walls made of drywall, plaster, wallboard, and wood." With me now? Yay!

Today's project takes place in the most crucial area of the condo. My one hallway. Basically this hall has changed many, many times. Remember how I posted my branch artwork in it last week:
Months ago when this art went from hallway to TV zone, it left a big gaping white wall in the condo. This is my largest wall in the condo. It spans from the front door to the edge of the "living room" and is visible from all parts of the condo. This makes decorating difficult because art needs to flow along it. Therefore I need to have something large to fill the space.

Enter my first attempt at a gallery wall!!

Yup. This only cost me the fraaames. I cut stuff out of free posters, framed old maps, pieces of material, etc. It was random and cute, and I enjoyed it. But now I am itching for something new that really reflects who I am and is fun for everyone! But it is a seeeecret until later this week when I finish!

Today I am going to talk about fixing the wall before my new project (surprisingly, changing your art a lot causes your wall to fill up with holes). So I took all of the frames down, threw out the decals (that were peeling anyway) and got down to work.

First of all- it is worth noting that I found 59 HOLES in this wall. OMG! You would think, considering how much I paid for this condo, I would treat my walls a little nicer. Perhaps not stab it 59 times with a nail.

Anyway, today I was giving the wall lots of love. First I sanded the holes down with a sanding block to make sure everything was smooth and pretty.
Note: Pink manicure is essential for any renovation projects
Note Note: Yes, I consider patching holes to be a renovation project

Next, I got out my Spackle. I used Polyfilla Prep by LePage. I cannot comment if this is the best product out there- it is what I bought one day at Walmart and it works just fine. My friend actually told me there is a kind that is purple and dries white- so that sounds pretty stellar compared to mine. I lost my putty knife somewhere so I used the next best tool on hand- my finger.
Sorry, I just gave everyone the middle finger. And showed off how bad my nails actually look. Hmm...

Once I put the putty on, I smudged it into the hole and smoothed it out. Then I let it dry and then sanded smooth. And then repeated. 59 times.

See the transformation here:

Oh ya! The wall looks like new again!! Once I get around to painting my wall it will be seamless, but for now cheap putty matches cheap builder white so you can't see a difference!

I can't wait to get my new wall together and show it off to you later this week :)

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  1. I am going to buy you a spackler so you don't need to use your fingers. And the pink stuff.


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