Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let there be light!

Today we are going back out to the patio. I have noticed over the past couple years that my patio is a popular hangout during parties for many reasons:
1. I don't allow smoking indoors
2. It gets bloody hot inside during a party
3. It has nice views and fresh air!

But unfortunately, I have forced my guests to sit in the dark with only the glow of the indoors to light their way. That's not very hostess-y of me!

So a few days ago I was trolling along the halls of Canadian Tire and looking at their outdoor stuff and I found these!

Outdoor lights that can hang, sit on a table, or be staked into the ground. Now clearly I have no ground, so the first two options are what attracted me. You know what else I liked? 50% off. oooh ya! Sadly, the crazy people at Noma decided I didn't need instructions. And this thing was a puzzle.

But I did get them together! And now I have one on my table and one behind my yellow chair. They are solar- powered, and there wasnt much sun by the time I set them here's hoping they actually work! Because I am pretty sure I broke the pole for one. Darn lack of instructions. haha
I think they are cute! If I can figure out a way to hang them, I might try that look too :)

Oh and yes, you may have noticed that my chair got a cup holder. I am classy like that. hahaha

Now I just need to wait for summer! It has been disappointingly cool these past few days. boo


  1. Please, please tell me where you got the gateleg table? I can find round ones, but not one that shape! Thank you!

    1. I got it at Ikea. I dont think they sell this particular model anymore (the kind where the chairs store IN the base), but they have a few similar models out this season.

      This one is similar:


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