Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy One Month Bloggiversary to Me!

Yay I made it one month! And I am still consistently blogging! I haven't been able to ever stick to anything so long so this definitely deserves some applause. I thought I would take this time to share some secrets about my life so you can get to know the "real" me and not this amazing design person you have come to know and love over the past month (ha-ha).

So, without further ado, here are 10 things you may not know about me:

1. I almost never use paper towels. I buy about one roll a year and basically I think I only use it to clean windows and mirrors. Come to think of it, I don't even own napkins either. My food is always finger-licking good!

2. I am addicted to Coke Zero. I gave it up for lent this year and made it about 2-3 weeks before caving. I HAVE cut back to just a few cans a week though. And I am drinking more regular coke because I figured sugar is better for you than fake sugar.

3. I cannot say no to chocolate covered almonds. For some reason my coworker likes to buy 1kg bags for the office, which means I will never be bikini-ready.

4. I bought my condo when I was 23. This seems ridiculously young in retrospect.

5. I am terrible a picking paint colours. As a teenager, my dad let me paint both bathrooms. The upstairs one was NEON green and the hallway glowed for weeks afterwards. The downstairs bathroom is a terrifying combination of yellow with blue stars and blue trim. Thankfully it will soon be torn down.

6. I am pro-star at Ikea assembly

7. I have 4 tattoos. But since some are actually more than one image, I am just gonna say I have 13 tattoos. I don't even know if I counted that right. hahaha. I also had a tongue piercing throughout university. I am oh so classy.

8. Despite my tattoos and piercings, I do have a Bachelors degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing. I also have a respectable job in commerce...not in Marketing though.

9. I have the cutest niece in the world.

10. My New Year's resolution is to drink more wine. Sounds like a fun resolution, but I actually hate wine! However, it is the drink to have at fancy work parties and dates so it is time to grow up and learn to drink it and enjoy it.

So there we go! 10 facts you may not have known about me! Does anyone share these traits with me??

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