Monday, April 23, 2012

Colour Inspiration!

I think it is very important when trying to pull together a cohesive home, that you find a set of colours that you love together and work to find pieces in those colours. You definitely want a few choices of colours so that it isn't matchy-matchy. Now, it is not a perfect art, because of course you will love items not in your "colour range" but I think it is ok to accessorize a little outside of the box if the core items reflect the theme.

You may find inspiration in a lot of different ways. Perhaps it is in a favourite painting, quilt, or just some inspiration photo you cut out of a magazine. YoungHouseLove (one of my favourite blogs) uses a napkin they love as a key tool to base their colours around.

I have been thinking hard about what my inspiration should be. My condo used to be very red-black-white. But as I have established- I am sick of red-black-white!! Well, maybe not white. White is still my home-girl. :)

However today I came across a photo on Pinterest that I think may become my inspiration:
Photo source
I really like this photo! I definitely have the white going on in my furniture, and the grey will be coming in soon in a big way! I am loving turquoise and it currently can be seen in my armoire. I have been feeling greens and yellows lately too! I am not too sure about the pinks, but I certainly don't think an inspiration photo needs to be followed to a T.

Here are some inspiration rooms that have a similar theme:
Photo source

Photo source
Photo source Pinterest (link didn't work)

Photo source Pinterest (link didn't work)
See? It can be done in different amounts of impact! The first photo is a bit over the top for me. Since my place is only one room, it needs to be a bit more neutralized. The second photo is too much white for me. It is adorable in this small photo, but I think across a large room it would get boring fast. The third photo happened to incorporate a bit of pink too! I think they stole my inspiration photo. This is closer to how I could see my place turning out. Neutral, but with pops of colours. However I hope my pops are a bit more dominating than the subtle look here. The last photo is total eye candy to me, so maybe I will end up closer to this? I love that there is an owl in there too!

I am hoping that now that I have my colours picked I will be able to make choices quicker and not have to worry so much about how a new item will fit into my condo aesthetically.So look out for some new stuff showing up in this theme! Except for yellow because I find it IMPOSSIBLE to find. Grrr.

What colours do you like in your home? Does anyone else crave some happy colours now that summer is starting to show up?

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