Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Colour Inspiration Continued

So after writing yesterday's post, I was putting away my laundry when this caught my eye:
This is what I keep on top of my dresser- lamp, vase, and a collection of books that I really enjoy (The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith). Most of my books are in my ottoman because I am sans bookshelf at the moment. However I kept these ones out because I think they are pretty!

It wasn't until well after I wrote my post of my inspirational photo and the colours I liked for the condo that I caught onto WHY I always liked these books and WHY I liked my inspiration photo.

Shall we revisit?
Inspiration Photo

Pretty Books
Haha, do you see it? It is practically the same set of colours! Maybe I should just accept that I love the rainbow and leave it at that?

Well, at least now I know that my favourite books will always match my condo!

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