Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where the art at?

So last weekend I switched up the art over my TV and I posted about it and I was all happy. Then I pinned the changes on Pinterest and this happens:
Ya, my OLD look was the one getting repins and likes. Jerks.

I guess I understand why. My old art is super pretty and I have enjoyed it for years now. It was one of the first pieces of art that I bought for my condo. I got them at Winners for like $50 or something. Originally they hung in my long hallway and I was very happy with it- the long art was amazing at filling up that space and the colour scheme fit in perfectly with my red living room accents and turquoise bathroom. Hollah coordination!

Here is the look in the hall:
(Ignore the rest of the ugly decor...I am happy to report I no longer have tv trays. I'm not even sure what that shiny thing is beyond the couch.)

So where is that art now? Surely I didn't throw it away?! OF COURSE NOT!! Who throws away perfectly good Winners art?

My art pieces have broken up their life long friendship and live in different part of the condo now.

Piece 1 is by the couch, in direct view from my table:

Piece 2 is hanging out by the Tv still:
Yay to reusing art! And both of those walls never really had art on them before so it is a good, fun change for my condo.

To anyone who wants to follow me on Pinterest (and repin the CORRECT images and boost my ego), you can follow me here (I think)

If you would like an invite to Pinterest, let me know! Otherwise you need to sign up for a waiting list with them. But that only takes a few days to come through!


  1. Excellent placements still. And placing them about the room gives it an all-encompassing, space-spanning quality. Good choice.

  2. love the TO map! always wanted to get it...


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