Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to my tiny home!

So, I am new to this whole blogging thing- please forgive me while I work out the kinks on setting up this webpage how I like it.

I am here because although I LOVE many home design blogs, there are definitely not enough for tiny spaces and tiny budgets in the city. I live in a 400 sq foot studio in downtown Toronto. And 400 sq ft is a stretch! I spent a day measuring all the awkward corners in here and I only found 350 sq ft; Cementing the idea in my brain that there MUST be a room somewhere with an invisible door. Alas, my magical room-conjuring skills are still in development, so in the meantime I am working hard to design and execute a stylish one room home while dealing with a small budget, my indecisiveness, and the challenges that come with fitting it all in.

So please try not to judge me when I spend 6 months selecting a new couch or when I buy something ELSE in white. I am no professional- just a girl with a eye for bad paint colours, a love of knick knacks, and being terrible at making decisions.

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  1. Welcome to the war. I mean, the blogging world. (Came over on Lisa-Marie's word.)


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