Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 Smallest Cool House Contest


Apartment Therapy has announced the 2012 Smallest Cool House Contest. I am seriously in love with this contest and I think this year I want to enter (I don't think I would win, but I would love some feedback from everyone!). My place is definitely not show-room ready. I really need to paint, I am lacking in a rug and new couch still, and I can't afford the beautiful furnishings that always grace the winning homes. Apartment Therapy readers also seem to love Mid Century Modern, and it really isn't my look. I am more traditional.

Regardless of my entry, I am so excited to see the other entries that come in! SO inspirational every year, especially in the teeny tiny division (under 400 sq ft). I am looking forward to seeing some great places and stealing their tricks for making a small home seem beautiful and spacious.

Homes can be entered in the contest until April 17th, so who knows what I may accomplish in two weeks? I wasn't planning on painting until the weather got warmer (so I can leave the patio door open for air flow) and I definitely won't have a couch by then either!!

If you are thinking of entering, please follow the instructions on their site : and be sure to let me know so I can check out your place and vote for you! I'm all about sharing the love :)

Here are the categories:
  • TEENY-TINY 400 Square Feet and under
  • TINY 600 Square Feet and under (but over 400 Square Feet)
  • LITTLE 800 Square Feet and under (but over 600 Square Feet)
  • SMALL Under 1,000 Square Feet (but over 800 Square Feet)
  • INTERNATIONAL All non-US entries (under 1,000 Square Feet)
Hmm, I guess I am considered international, which means I am competing with homes that are more than double my size. That makes it a lot trickier to win! I am also pretty sure it is a popularity contest and I just don't have thousands of friends to harass. Regardless, it can't hurt to enter!

If you want to check out past year's entries, please go here:

And good luck to all the entrants!!!

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