Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh how I hate Receipts!

Ok this post is a bit of a rant, but dammit, it needs to be said! I HATE RECEIPTS. I hate that my purse is full of tiny bits of crumpled paper. I hate that so many trees die so that 2 weeks later I will find a receipt for facewash and throw it out. Receipts are stupid.

For one, this is 2012! Why do I still need to show a damn piece of paper as proof of purchase? You scan my purchase into a computer, so surely they can create a system where when I come back you rescan the item and find my purchase history? And then you can dole out the cash or look up the card I used to purchase and refund to it. I mean REALLY! The piece of paper doesn't prove anything except that I bought something and now have the object and a piece of paper in my hand. It is so unnecessary in my mind.

I actually think they do this for a reason- less returns. If they made it easier to return things (like if you only needed the sticker still on the product) then people would return things more.  

I also dislike double receipts. Hunny, if you ain't gonna keep the yellow carbon copy, then stop using this type of receipt tape. It just double annoys me.

And long receipts! I bought a t-shirt, so why is this receipt a foot long? Oh, you are having a sweepstakes I should enter? Oh, your store name and address must be 10 lines long at the top? Oh, look at the points I could or did get? Stupid!

And bank receipts are worse! I love that you now have the option to select whether or not you want a receipt, but for deposits it is still automatic. I don't know why. I put in $100 and now you are proving it? Thank you? I think instead that an option should pop up to view or print after depositing. So then you can just confirm if you wish for peace of mind.

Lastly, I hate getting receipts for useless purchases. The other day I got a receipt for a muffin- A MUFFIN! I was thinking to myself "Thank you for this muffin receipt. I will hold onto it so that I may one day have the option to return this muffin". Perishables do not need receipts. End of story.

I also would really like to know what men do with receipts? I always end up with about 100 smooshed in my purse or reusable bags until I clear it out. Do men have muffin receipts in their pockets? This intrigues me.

Wow, that was a long rant. But it needs to be said, people!!!

PS- I went to Ikea yesterday and purchased some fun stuff that I will be sharing this week! stay tuned!


  1. I feel your pain: They're on paper which is such a waste. Environmentally unsound and they don't last long. The ink on them always fades. What has been purchased shall never be rethought on again.
    And most importantly they're like waking up in the morning after a one night stand; nothing you can do to unmake what happened, but you just don't want to look.

    1. Funny story- I went to go see a play last night and at one point the grandmother is telling an anecdote about taking a taxi from the airport:

      "Canada is too expensive! Did you know it costs $50 to take a taxi from the airport to this hospital? And then as I am getting out of the cab, he gives me a receipt! Like somehow that is going to make up for it?"

      hahaha. It went something like that. hilarious

  2. I only buy things I'm not going to return, so I throw receipts out as soon as I get handed them.


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