Friday, March 16, 2012

New Couch?

So I am in the market for a new couch. I have been thinking about this for a loooong time. See, my couch is super comfy and was a great deal when I bought it, but it is just NOT my style anymore. Don't you hate that? I find that is a big plush monster in my room.

This is my current couch (excuse the poor lighting- I got home late):
See what I mean? The rest of the condo has gone streamlined, but the couch sits there all puffy and smug. WELL GUESS WHAT COUCH, YOU GOING!!

I really want to buy a nice high-quality couch, but I don't want to overspend as it is only a loveseat and not a full couch that will someday fill my future living room in my future home.

I am running into a HUGE problem finding a loveseat though! Every time I fall in love with a couch, it doesn't come in a loveseat, or I don't like the loveseat version. A regular couch can't fit in here- I need something under 70".

Here are three contenders from Structube:

 So they are all very different in style, but definitely have better "lines" than my current one. I've sat on the last one ("The Hampton Couch") and it is soo comfy and beautiful in person. You can really see the quality in it.

And don't get me started on colour!! Should I go white and match all my furniture? Go colourful? I don't think I want the sandy colour I have now, but what about cream? dark grey? turquoise? BAH! Too many choices!!!

Here are the criteria for future couch that I can cement down:
- On legs (seeing space under furniture adds visual space)
- has arms (I like to LEAN when I'm couching)
- not ikea (I have too much ikea)
- under 70", preferably 65"
- clean lines
- comfy, nappable
- good quality
- under $1000

Optional, but nice, ideas:
- tufted style
- fold out bed
- built in storage

I feel like the couch is stopping me from picking a rug and painting the condo. It's such a key piece- it needs to match the style of my place!! I seriously spent less time buying my condo than I have picking out this damn new couch.

My good friend Lisa over at just bought a new couch and I am so jealous. She just went shopping one day, found an awesome couch, haggled the price down, and is now sitting pretty (literally). Sigh, I need to just jump in and whip out my Visa.

Is anyone else as useless at committing to furnishings as me??


  1. Buy Hampton or Henry. End of story.

  2. Go for the Hampton with some colour... you've always popped with turquoise, maybe it will work for your condo too! Otherwise go for a darker shade. You don't want too much white. Just do it! xo

  3. I vote the last one because:
    a) Couches need to be comfy (and I think you could stretch out on this one)
    b) I like the colour

  4. just over $1000 in about 70 inches is West Elm's Chester sofa. I have it in the espresso performance velvet. Love it

    1. I love the style of the chester for sure, but is it comfy for napping?? I wonder if the Chester is in Canada? Hmmm...Thanks for the suggestion!


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