Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My trip to Ikea!

What is more fun than a trip to Ikea- NOTHING! Except maybe a trip to Ikea with a gift card or something, which I did not have. But I did have an sales tax refund cheque from the government, so thank you Canada for paying for my purchases!

So anyway, I needed to go to Ikea to get some frames for a future project and I didn't have plans on Monday so I decided to trek out to the store, since it is only 30 minutes by transit from my work. However, it took me over an hour to get home. In direct sunlight. With all my purchases. hmmm...not sure if I will be trying that one out again soon.

So anyway I got lots of fun things, but I'll only be showing off two today because it is unofficially Patio Week over here at Waffling.

So first up is this sexy little lady:
 I've wanted to put a lantern out there for awhile, because I think they are so pretty! This one was only $10 too, so it was a no-brainer. It is about a foot tall and I enjoy the prominence of it on the table. The candle was stolen from another spot in the condo. It may or may not stay. I am also toying with the idea of painting the lantern a fun colour as I really want the patio to feel very fun and bright.

And here is the big purchase of the day:

A rug for my feetsies! Yay! No more gross concrete while sitting in my chair! I say this was a big expense because it cost a WHOPPING $15 and was the most expensive purchase of the day. No lying- $15. I can't find it on their website, so maybe a fairy dropped it off in my bag? Anyway the description said for indoor use or patio with walls and roof. You know who has a patio with walls and a roof? ME! It is 2x4 ft, so its a good size for the chair, but not practical for anywhere else on the balcony. It is made of woven water hyacinth. I have no idea what that is, but it is comfortable under feet.

You know what else was exciting at Ikea? They were starting to put out their outdoor furniture! Always exciting to see new lines come out and see what is trending in the balcony world (we all know giant yellow muskoka chairs are in).

Anyway, I thought I would source my balcony in case anyone is looking for the items featured:
White bench, Ikea-
Gateleg table with two chairs (one broken), Ikea- no longer available
Lantern, Ikea!-
Rug, Ikea- not online, but is called Nordby
Giant Yellow Chair, Canadian tire-
Outdoor Pillow, West Elm- no longer available

Is anyone else's space overrun with Ikea? Damn their good prices and having exactly what I need in a tiny space!


  1. My entire apartment is lined with IVAR. Corner shelf, small shelf, tall shelf x2 and a pantry shelf beside the kitchen. It's an IVAR wonderland!!

    And four amazingly expensive but lovely wood chairs. They look awesome with the new (old) pine table my dad donated. I really need to do an IKEA post. My place could be a catalogue for them if it was ever clean.

    OH and those cardboard storage boxes too. Love 'em. I'm thinking an IKEA trip may be in my future though I'd have to rent a car. I am not carrying furniture on the subway.

    P.S. Love the lantern!!

  2. I have those exact chairs in my backyard, except they're green and blue. Easy to keep clean, just hose them off. I'm banned from IKEA. I just want to spend more and more money.


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