Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Patio

Due to the fact that today the weather gods decided to throw us a bone and make it 17 degrees in March, I decided to document the sad state that is my balcony. See, I live in a tiny condo, so the balcony is a wonderful way to expand my living space on nice days- especially since not everyone gets to even have a balcony! But I never seem to use mine. The first summer I moved in I bought lots of pretty furniture and then used it only a handful of times over the past two years.

Here is what I started with:

It was very appealing at first glance- seating for 4 people, lots of space for hanging out with the table folded down. However after one year, one of the chairs broke and the cushions faded to a fugly red.

but worst of all- I NEVER SAT OUT THERE!!

Imagine yourself sitting out there and you will soon realize why- while it was great for entertaining, it was not suitable to kicking back with a book and getting some fresh air. There was no where to curl up, and the cement floor isn't exactly inviting.

So step one: buy a good reading chair
Step two: figure out flooring
Step three: switch up the colour (I'm so over red)
Step four: accessorize!

Here is where I am now:

whomp. whomp.

Ya, it sucks. Despite the awesomeness of my giant yellow chair, the rest of the patio is sucking the life out of it! So on my to-do list is restaining that table (see how weirdly faded it is?), finding a new chair cushion, accessorizing, and figuring out a rug/flooring.

A permanent solution with installing wood floors would be ideal, but I'm not hiding a table saw in my condo and look at how awkward that patio is shaped! So I think it will be a project for next summer when my dad may be off work and looking for things to saw for his darling daughter (insert sweet face).

For now, I would like to find a good outdoor rug. I loooove this one from West Elm:
(source: www.westelm.com)

But alas, it is not available in Canada! And my search for a similar item has turned up nothing. So I'm hoping in a month or two when patio furniture comes out, I will find something equally as lovely.

So that is where my patio ended up as of today. I'll leave you with something much prettier picture to feast your eyes on: my view :)

I hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine!!


  1. I do love that outdoor flooring. Would look great hear too but alas, we northerners get screwed more often than not on selection. Damn the border!!

    1. I will find us some beautiful outdoor rugs this season- don't you worry!

  2. My first thought was: 17 degrees?! And then I remembered you're in Canada. And I would love that view, if only for the G4 logo and dish in the center of it.

    1. All I need to learn how to do is hack into those dishes and get free cable

  3. We could get some dynamite and blow Canada Malting some night!


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