Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Living Alone

So last week Apartment Therapy posted about an article in the NY Times about living alone and asked people whether they were as quirky as the people in the article (when they lived alone). I was curious to see if I was as weird. Here is what the article mentioned in terms of "quirks" that people admitted to when they lived alone:
- eating peanut butter out of the jar while naked at 2:00am
- running in place during TV commercials
- speaking conversational French to yourself while making breakfast
- singing Journey songs in the shower
- removing only the clothes you need from the dryer, thus turning it into a makeshift dresser
- leaving a bra on the kitchen table
- wearing giant bloomers
- not closing the bathroom door
- stay up at all hours
- talking to a cat
- eating a potato for dinner

Here is the article if you wish to read it:

In reading this list I thought two things:
1. Doesnt everyone do this?

Haha! I am guilty of way too much on that list and more. In fact, it was a running joke in the office how I would bring in a potato for lunch because I was too lazy to cook or even make a sandwich. Yup- a solitary potato, which I would stab with a fork and microwave for 5-6 minutes. Heck, that's cooking to me most nights!

I also never close the bathroom door, except when showering. It is super weird when someone comes over and uses the bathroom because I never see the door closed!

And I currently have had towels sitting in my dryer for over a week now because I am too lazy to fold them. I dont have to share laundry- so why bother?

I have lived with roommates before and I guess I must have been semi-normal because they stuck with me for 3 years, but living alone has been an interesting experience too. It's a judgement-free environment where pants are completely optional. Though, it is hard to stick to a diet with no one watching you eat that entire pizza!!

But there are many benefits to living alone while balancing the quirks, such as:
- No compromising with anyone when decorating
- No pants needed (Maybe those who live with a significant other can also follow this one, but its a general roommate no-no)
- Don't need to clean unless I want to (F*** doing the dishes this week!)
- TV shows, movies, music are all up to me
- Sleep in as late as I feel like
- Easy to fake illness to get out of work or other less desirable activities (just joking!)
- No judgment food choices (spaghetti for breakfast? Oh boy!)

So I have to ask, what are your quirky habits when you are alone? And what benefits did you enjoy when living in solitude?


  1. Ummm all of the above and i live with the BF! In fact he does some of these more than I do... Right now one of my bra's is hanging from the kitchen table chair, We never close the bathroom door and I'm pretty sure we've had chicken fingers for breakfast this past weekend.

  2. Hah I come over and per with ur door open haha and I bring a whole thing of homemade cookies and we eat them lol I do most of those things and im married it should be ppl with shame or no shame Hehe


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