Friday, March 23, 2012

Fixin' the Kitchen

Today we are moving into an unknown zone- The Kitchen!! But we will only look in one tiny corner, which happens to hold the reason that all my friends love me and why I don't love my scale.

Hmmm...a small white cupboard in the corner of the kitchen? What on earth does it hold?


Yes folks, I love to bake and I love to eat the things I bake. I often get bored on a cold day and whip up cupcakes. Or I get a hankering for some cookies and I will make a whole batch of them, which I unfortunately devour the bulk of.

I am lucky enough to have this whole tiny cupboard for my baking stuffs. Trust me, that is a luxury in a studio apartment. I've seen some places with only ONE cupboard for everything in your kitchen. Today I decided to clean this cupboard up to make even more cookies for my sugar-loaded friends.

I already have some organization in there- see the red containers? They hold flour, sugar, and brown sugar. This is super helpful for making the most of the space because these containers stack, are clear so I can see the contents, and don't spill everywhere. I also find the brown sugar doesn't harden as fast when it is in there (tip- a few seconds in the microwave can soften brown sugar). I wish I had room for a icing sugar one, but for now that particular ingredient stays bagged.

My main concern was the bottom shelf. It was a huge mess and it wasn't easy to find things. This is what happens when your condo has no drawers in the kitchen. There is no place for can openers, bottle openers, mixing thingies (that's a technical term), and other small gadgets.

So, Ikea stepped in to help me organize! I bought me some Kasset boxes! And they were on sale! And they were the right size for the small cupboard! Huzzah! I popped open the box, expecting a simple box construction (Ikea and I are well acquainted) and I found this.
Instructions. Involving screws. What the H-E-double hockey sticks?? This box is made of cardboard.

Anyway I got my cheapo, yet complicated, box together (It came with two boxes but I don't have a plan for the other one yet) and I filled it with all the gizmos from that cupboard. I was careful to put the more-often-used stuff at the top of the box for easy access. Once that was complete, my box had a new home!

Yay! Nice and organized now! I have much more room on that shelf, so the hand mixer moved down there, leaving my ingredients more accessible. Score! I also left the top of the box clear so it is easy to get in and out.

Now- who wants some cookies??


  1. Only my sister could write an entire blog article about a box.

    Also I would like some cookies


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