Monday, March 26, 2012


I have made some big changes on this condo over the past two years. A huge change is definitely my "TV zone". When I first moved in, there was a TV wall mount and tv stand/shelf thing installed. The wall mount didn't fit my TV, so I just took it down, but it left large holes in my wall. I clearly did the responsible homeowner thing- I covered it with art.

Here is where we began:

It wasn't horrible per se. The frames did a pro-star job of hiding the giant holes in the wall. And the stand was stylish (and free!) and hid my underwears and PJs, and all my dvds. But I just never really liked it. I worked around it for two years, dealing with the red as if this stand gave some sort of good, risky style to the place. Eventually, however, I decided that it was just too masculine for me. The metal, the straight lines, the bright red- it just didn't vibe with the feminine style I was digging in my inspiration photos.

So I sold the red stand and shelf for a whopping $160 on craigslist and I got me a new TV stand from Ikea that was more to my taste:
Oh ya, much prettier. At some point in between these photos I did remove the door to the top electronics compartment in the red TV stand and moved the cable box in there. And I changed the art a few times. But I can't find any photos of that so you get the shocking before and after!!

Taking down the red shelf was pretty simple- but it left more holes in my wall! I decided it was time to learn to fix these holes. I bought me some hole-filling putty and a spatula thingy (technical terms) and I patched em up and repainted! Thankfully the previous owner left the paint behind that he used. Unfortunately my patch job is pretty terrible. When I repaint the wall once day I plan on resanding it down and fixing it up.

So that is my TV space! Stay tuned tomorrow for the big change that I made again in this space over the weekend!!


  1. I don't see any game systems, but...I'm pretty sure I see tiny dinosaurs. :o)

    1. ya my T-rex collection is pretty sweet. haha

      I have no game systems! I maxed my skills out at Mario Kart 64

  2. Can't wait for tomorrow!


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